Speechki is a powerful most 1100+ voice generator


Speechki is a powerful most 1100+ voice generator

Speechki is a powerful AI voice generator that was launched in 2017, but the story of its invention is more complicated than every moment of inventing any new thing.It is like text-to-speech. The first attempts at text-to-speech can be traced back to the 18th century, with mechanical devices like “speaking machines” producing simple sounds and words.It is a new platform. This is a very old invention and day by day it is becoming so popular that it is developing rapidly.This is such a translator which not turn one language into another language it mean that speechki speaks written words and can speak in different languages.We can also say this, like talking to a text assistant.

 Facility from speechki

Speehki change any your text into natural sounding audio.Now it is also available with ChatGPT and providing you in different in language. It can convert any text into 85+  languages above 1200 voices.Which audience want speech Spanish, Korean, Urdu, Chinese, English or any other language which he want? It will provide you this facility.

Speechki features

  • Audio book
  • Voice generator
  • Language translator
  • Speaking machine
  • Voice changer text
  • Talking text assistant

Executer (5)

  • Kirill Parinov  
  • Dmitrii Abramov 
  • Mitchell Kim
  • Sergey Baranov
  • Pavel Maltsev These executor work on this generator very good,that it developing day and night.Audience are very happy from this service.It provide us very benefits.

    How to use?

    You have to adjust pitch, volume, speed, language and also if you want you add emotions like happiness or sad.

    Advanced AI

      But Speechki isn’t just about variety. Its advanced AI understands the context and emotions hidden within your words. Want to emphasize sarcasm? Add a hint of irony. No problem. Speechki’s intelligent algorithms deliver the perfect intonation and pauses, making your audio feel truly human.

    Powerful tool

    This versatility makes Speechki a powerful tool for creators of all stripes. Authors can transform manuscripts into engaging audio books, educators can craft multimedia lessons that captivate students, and businesses can add a human touch to marketing materials and customer service interactions.


    your written words transformed into captivating narration, multilingual presentations, or even personalized audiobooks. This is the magic of Speechki, an AI-powered platform that brings your text to life with realistic, expressive voices.

    Future advantages

    In future it will provide you more advantages.Work on speechki are continue.They will try to improve more better speechki that audience will never worried from this.It will not create difficulty for audience.If anyone face difficult from this generator in future, they will not worried from this. Slowly slowly more language will add in this generator and also voices be add.You just take facility from this generator and not to be hesitate to ask  any question from speechki. It help you in every case.

    Comparing from other software and platform

    From other software and platforms people like this platform very much because it full every wish of audience. In future it will leave all platforms behind and like best racer It will be at the forefront.And everywhere it will ran among the people.Everywhere just talk about this generator. Just like this platform in human palm. Other software not solve your all problems but from this platform you never face any harsh.

    Why design this Platform speechki?

    Speechki was especially designed for publisher. Publishers face difficulty  when they publish their product. They written all their product information in their country language but when anyone read to bought product they were not understand. What is their benefits, their pricing, their disadvantages.when he not understand they leave this product site and join their country website to bought product.

            And it became a loss making business for the product sellers and hence their business was not going as high as online business is today. But when  this platform was come in market everyone feel easiness to publisher content.

    Difficulty in past

    In past , to understand the meaning of any word they have to search in different books to know. what is the meaning of those word.It will take weak, months and even it will take year to find meaning.And sometime they were not find mean. Now they just click and all its problem solve in some minute or some second.They just set the voice and language.

    Ease for Publisher

    A publisher publish their houses and its information written in Chinese language and buyer not understand this. But not problem, this issue was solve in 2018 when it was traced.If you live in America you will convert it now in English language and voice can also change just face little difficulty to click. It will convert in your set language.By the help of speechki.

    Developmental of online business

    From help of this platform online business developing more than more.And that is why people like online business more. 


    Professional narration is not a science , it is a art. And you know art is only now artist. And this artist allow you to hear in pleasant voice by writing in your different title variety.


    • Cost effective solution
    • Time saving efficiency
    • Marketing maestro
    • Educational innovator
    • Content Creation powerhouse
    • Accessibility champion
    • Natural sounding voice
    • Expressive control


    • Evolving technology
    • Pricing coincide ration
    • Dependency on cloud computing
    • Potential ethical concerns
    • Learning curve
    • Limited customization
    • Occasional pronunciation hiccups
    • Creative constraints

    Free Tier

    • Limited access to 3 voices in 3 languages.
    • 10 conversions per month (text to audio).
    • Ideal for trying out the platform and basic use cases.

    Individual Plans

    • Creator: USD $7.19 per month.
    • Basic: USD $19.20 per month.
    • Professional: USD $79.20 per month.
    • Each plan offers more voices, languages, and conversions compared to the free tier.
    • They also include features like SSML control for fine-tuning pronunciation and audio adjustments.
    • Choose the plan that best suits your voice range, usage frequency, and desired features.

    Business Plans

    • Custom pricing based on specific needs and volume usage.
    • Ideal for enterprises with high-demand text-to-speech requirements.
    • Features dedicated account management, API access, and priority support.

    Additional Costs

    • Pay-as-you-go option available for exceeding your allotted conversions in any plan.
    • Premium voices might have additional pricing compared to standard options.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Plan

    • Consider your average monthly text-to-speech needs.
    • Choose a plan with enough voices and languages to suit your projects.
    • Factor in potential pay-as-you-go charges if you anticipate exceeding your conversion limit.
    • If you’re unsure, start with the free tier or a lower-tier individual plan to test the platform before committing to a higher-cost option.

    By understanding the pricing structure and your specific needs, you can choose the Speechki plan that delivers the best value for your investment.

    I hope this information helps!


    Change your text in few minutes. Narrated in different language and voices.Change like natural sound

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